What is not being covered in broadcast media today

BY QUINTUS DIAS.ย ย  July 20, 2016.ย  What is not being covered on American pop radio today is sorely lacking news and topics related to:

1.ย  Home schooling, home medicine, and home grown food and gardening, which as you know is all being criminalized.

2.ย  Cottage industry.ย  Startups and entrepreneurs making an impact here or in the third world.ย  Nobody has interviewed the designer and makers of the Rocket Stove for the American public.

3.ย  Veteran’s affairs and issues.ย  This is really important as Vets are now viewed as terrorists and crazy criminals by the powers that be.

4.ย  Exopolitics and foreign issues affecting us-we cannot ignore the world or the cosmos as we live here.

5.ย  Interesting ORDINARY people who are doing extraordinary things and positively impacting the world for good.ย  PLEASE-no more Kardashians (:-)!

6.ย  Kids!!!!!!!ย  My sense is that nobody is devoting any time to our kids and their issues.ย  MK was the only guy, who took the time to interview a kid who operated a hotdog stand to help out his parents and then got busted by the coppers for not having a permit!ย  It was a great interview and offers to help the kid and his parents poured in.ย  You think ABC news would have done this?ย  Fat chance!