Glitch causes listening problem at archive of latest Mind Mix Show

July 27, 2016  Cyrellys.  For those who tried to catch the rebroadcast of the Full Mind Mix Radio in the Evening show from last night here is what happened.

For some reason last night’s show stopped at 1 hour but on my desktop the show and recording kept going.  Maggie and I didn’t notice any problem at the time.  Streaming showed still going.

Then after the show when I looked at the archived show I noticed the posting had stopped at 1 hour.  I thought strange.  But no problem I’ll just upload my recording into a new broadcast slot so the Full show is then in the archive for many of our listeners catch the archive in the morning.  So I uploaded it, set it to rebroadcast at midnight and went to bed leaving it to run.

This morning I come out to my new “office” (I had last week converted our unused travel trailer for a quiet place to work and broadcast), and discover that the new rebroadcast will not play.  Doesn’t give an option.  Plus a couple listeners have helpfully let me know in email that they can’t play it either.  So I set about doing a fresh upload of the mp3 recording in a fresh morning slot.  2 hours later, I find the same problem.  So after checking all my moorings and making sure there doesn’t seem to be any problem at my end, I emailed

Lionel emailed back within a minute and I let him know what had happened.  He dived into it and thanked me for the detailed description.  He found the same problem…that particular show wouldn’t play.  He said they’ll fix it and probably upload the audio file fresh on their end and the show should be available to everyone tomorrow.

Running any kind of website or online operation is always an adventure.  Internet demands a bit of patience from us but the rewards are many and great.  A salute to a helpful Lionel, may his fortune be good in so many ways.

Cyrellys Geibhendach, MMR Editor and Show Host