Show Summary – Mind Mix in the Evening 08-11-2016

Mind Mix in the Evening show that aired August 11, 2016 summarized. Talk radio.

Cy and Maggie addressed the latest paradigm news. Topics covered: cats (informal discussion), seeking Kimberley Diane Cohen Booth – she has cousins and 2 brothers trying to find her; Elias Alias clarifies Washington Post article Wikileaks statement wrt Seth Rich; news on the Clinton email debacle; Maine Republic email alert: “Huge! Why the Mass Media Blackout? Fed and State Raid Hillary’s Campaign Office” – video was removed; Why to capture copies of videos offline ASAP if sensitive materials; hacking meeting history; EO 13603 review; confiscation of bulk food suppliers stock in 2008; and more.


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Show referenced:

  1. Why Did Obama Nationalize The U.S. Food Supply With Executive Order 13603?

  2. BREAKING: Fed and State Raid on HILLARY CLINTON Campaign Office in Philadelphia..

Next scheduled show is Tuesday August 16, 2016.

Upcoming topics:

  1. Engineer says there is an Applied Physics based set of details that have not yet been covered wrt 9-11.
  2. Michelle Fiori – Bundy record
  3. Clinton Cash review
  4. The history of Hillary and Walmart
  5. Letter – Mac in Oregon
  6. Affirming the militia system – Elias Alias
  7. The Power of Mythology