Breaking! Ammon Bundy describes assault on Ryan Bundy

In the following video Ammon Bundy describes what he witnessed as the Portland Oregon authorities attempted to take his brother Ryan Bundy away for forced surgery to obtain the bullet lodged in his body that represents the inconvenient truths of what happened the day the feds killed Lavoy Finicum.

This is what happens when corruption on the scale of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the National Security State is allowed to run rampant like rabid dogs.ย  This is the foundation upon which they are building global governance…

In 2008 a uniformed communicator said “somebody’s got to pay for it.”ย  So eight years later our rural ranchers and farmers are paying for the construction of the internal infrastructure and systemic deconstruction of our Constitutional Republic thru the involuntary theft of our western lands by the laughing (see youtube!) Bureau of Land Management all arranged by Clinton’s Foundation and its stakeholders traced to the topย  50 corporations inย  the world.

To assure the compliance and acceptance by the American public, the police have been militarized, installation of UN programs behind national lines have been implemented, and a corral system of resource control and restriction has begun – from banning gardening in the cities to free speech zones.

Most of the American people are oblivious that a handful of vocal advocates are fighting to save their nation and losing.ย  They need help.ย  But where is the help?ย  Lost in pokemon-ville, pre-season football, and the Olympics.ย  The modern Roman amphitheater of distractions.

They can do this because the vast majority of Americans and System Inhabitants are in simple survival mode that supplants their values and Oaths.ย  They have lost the ability in their minds to ‘afford’ a future.ย  If their minds would ‘afford’ to think on the situational landscape, the [real] criminals would be rounded up tomorrow and hauled in front of a ‘cleaned’ court of law. – Cyrellys

Are you different?ย  Do you truly want to know more about this?ย  Then read further:ย