A Message from Mac in Oregon to America

Transcript of the letter Mac read on air 08-16-2016.

Some day sons and daughters  Will rise and fight while we stood still.
They say history has a way of repeating it’s self. Your great nation, the  beacon of hope for humanity, is on the knife’s edge of history.  Brothers and Sisters, history is repulsive and the past will never be  333333undone! The future is your legacy, we can steer our nation back into  the light.   Remember our forefathers, who stood against tyranny  securing freedom for future generations to come. Our fathers and  mothers, who defended freedom in World War Two  passing this  blessing on to our generation;  Brothers and Sisters, we are at the  crossroads of your time, we are the gatekeepers, which path do we  chose? Will you surrender your God given rights and those of future  generations?  Time to unite as one and protect this blessing and pray  that your children never know the hell of war where youth and  laughter go!

March 5, 1770 American colonist, protesting the occupation of Boston and unpopular taxes passed by the British parliament without colonist representation were fired upon. British troops under British Captain Thomas Preston killed five American colonists. In 1775 by  order of the King George the third, the British sent troops to Lexington to seize weapons from American Patriots, pre ­warned Captain John Parker stood with 77 armed minutemen in defiance of the kings law.

On April 19, 1775 the shot heard around the world started the war for                             independence. Regardless which shot was first in the war for  Independence; we know the outcome of the American Revolution, the  lobster backs were sent packing! A new concept in self governance was born. Men and Women of that time, believed in the Laws of   Nature and of Nature’s God. They wanted to secure the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness for themselves and future generations. One law for all common law! Our forefathers gambled   their lives to secure God’s blessing for a nation yet to be born.The gift   they left us, the gem of all gems, The Constitution of the United States  of America!

In 1928 the Weimar Republic enacted gun registration in Germany,  sorry Hitler didn’t write the law. Hitler and the Nazi party used the law  to their benefit. In 1938 Nazi’s banned Jewish persons from being  licensed to manufacture fire arms

or ammunition.Several months’ later  Jewish people were banned from possessing dangerous weapons,  including firearms. We know the events that followed people denied   the right of self protection. We are the sons, daughters, the   grandchildren of the greatest generation. The men and women, who  stood their ground in defiance of National Socialism, Imperialism, and  Fascism, volunteer soldiers defending the values of America preventing  evil from covering the world in darkness. Their absolute resolve                     brought an end to the aggression of Germany’s Third Reich, Imperil  Japan and Fascist Italy. The world being blessed by the bold courage of  a righteous people united for one cause. Free men and women defend

the American values of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness for all                           mankind. They willingly went to war and laid down their lives for others and future generations, believing their sacrifice would help secure freedom in the world. They accepted nothing less than unconditional victory!
My father served under General George Smith Patton Jr.in the third  army, a soldier in 468th anti aircraft battalion. Growing up my father  never discussed his participation in World War Two. The mysteries of  World War Two eluded me as a child; my father would not enlighten   me. The oracle of my childhood was silent still my mind fantasized  heroic acts of valor as young boys do. What I knew of World War Two  was seen on TV, read in history books, or played out in the urban  jungle of my childhood. When my mother passed away I found   evidence in a foot locker. The Polaroid photos taken in Europe, a Hitler           youth pin chipped in one corner, and so on. The Hitler youth pin still                             bothers me to this day. I want believe this was kept by my father to                               remember the dehumanizing cost of war. Seeing pictures of war  ravaged cities, concentration camps, and holocaust survivors for the first time taken by my father. The atrocities of war, the destruction of towns, cities, and countries the profound images of depravity burned   into one’s mind. They estimated 11 million men, women, and children  were murdered; approximately the population of the three states in                     the Pacific Northwest.I was finally able to see though my father’s eyes.  The Third Reich’s wholesale murder of innocent men, women and  children due to race, religion, or nationality, this must never be

allowed to happen again. Only now do I have an understanding of the  demons haunting my father’s mind. His silence was, his way of safeguarding his children from the repugnant truth about war. The  men who witnessed with their own eyes were changed forever, innocence lost! This is not something I want to see happen in America.

There is evil in the world. You can call it by any name you wish, but it                                   does exist.
The spilt blood of our forefathers birthed a new form of governance  based on the concept of freedom.The greatest generation went to hell  and back to protect freedom for all mankind. Currently our  government’s wanton disregard for the rule of law is undermining the founding principles of our nation! The American oligarchy surrounds  themselves by armed guards, and would gleefully make serfs, peasants or slaves of Americans by disarming law abiding citizens.  Several states  already advanced laws restricting the second amendment and others plan to follow suit. Laws passed in the middle of the night without  consent or support from citizens.  Laws that deprive honest Americas of  their rights based one motion all fear,due to acts of psychotic madmen.                           Gun control is huge issue, to me an unquestionable right! The oath I                           swore as a United States Marine to protect the Constitution of the                         United States of America against enemies foreign and domestic. I  believe that means protect the rights of all Americans, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written as a contract of negatives restricting the government’s power over free men and women. Criminals don’t abide by the law and the American oligarchy is apparently above the law. Yes

the oligarchy wants to build the FEMA camps H.R. 390 January 23, 2013. The bill would have required the Department of Homeland Security, to build not less than six camps on military bases, to provide temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to  individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major  disaster. The history of the holocaust a lesson validating the true cruelty man, the final solution to the Jewish question, demands free  men and women must never be denied the God given right to self  protection by any means possible!

Brothers and sisters we must band together and stand as one before  our sons and daughters have to rise up and fight, because we stood  still! The flame of a righteous people, God fearing free men and women  must burn vigorously for our enemies to fear.  Consternation is running  rampant in our cities! We hear others talking about the distrust of  government, rumors about the end of days. The government has  divided the people of this nation, and it works to their benefit. Time is  running out and old guard must rise up. We are the government! The  gatekeeper’s of history must unite honor and protect the Declaration  of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, the rights of  all Americans. We must stand together; defending at all costs, the  blessing of, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, the gem of all  gems, FREEDOM! The darkness is upon us, time to pick a side. Failure is  a guarantee our sons and daughters will experience the hell of war  were youth and laughter did go!


M. A. C. United States Marine
Son of a World War II Veteran
Great, great, great, great, great grandson of the American Revolution

The poem Mac found hidden in the Bible:

A Soldier Talks to God


Look, God, I have never spoken to You,

But now I want to say, “How do You do!”

You see, God, they told me You didn’t exist,

And like a fool I believed all this.


Last night, from a shell hole, I saw your sky,

I figured right then they had told me a lie;

Had I taken the time to see the things you made,

I‘d’ve known they weren’t calling a spade a spade.


Well, I guess there isn’t much more to say;

But, I’m glad, God, I met You today.

I guess the “zero hour” will soon be here,

But I’m not afraid since I know you’re near.


The signal! Well, God – I’ll have to go.

I like You lots – this I want You to know.

Look now, this will be a horrible fight,

Who knows, I may come to Your house tonight.


Though I wasn’t friendly with You before’

I wonder, god, if You’d wait at Your door;

Look, I’m crying – me, shedding tears!

Well – I have to go now, God; goodbye,

Strange – since I met You – I’m not afraid to die.



Addendum to Mac’s letter:

Tyranny Comparison Revolutionary War Period.

When a long train of abuses! We’re all familiar with that but how many know of the Declaration of Causes? Written July 6 1775? The full title is Declaration of Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms. It’s opening is key to understanding what justifies resistance to tyranny…

1. Parliament took the power to give and grant the peoples money without consent, though they had always exercised the exclusive right to dispose of their own property. – today every manner of fees for every activity and control of private buying and selling yard sales, milk, gardens, fishing, driving, etc
2. statutes were passed for extending the jurisdiction of courts of Admiralty and Vice-Admiralty beyond their ancient limits – today’s Admiralty courts and Administrative courts
3. for depriving the people of the accustomed and inestimable privilege of trial by jury, in cases affecting both life and property – today: the Bundy case is illustrating how juries are now chosen and controlled marginalizing any input by the People themselves
4. for suspending the legislature of one of the colonies – today: we’ve had several threats over the last ten years where Congress was told pass this or do that or tomorrow would be martial law
5. for interdicting all commerce to the capital of another – today: centralization and preferential treatment of pre-selected bid awards
6. altering fundamentally the form of government established by charter and secured by acts of its own legislature – today: vast control by Administrative governing outside the control or influence by state, local or federal elected representation.
7. exempting the “murderers” of colonists from legal trial and in effect punishment – today: Clinton Family cabal and the Clinton Foundation murdering and land-grabbing as a recent focal example.
8. for erecting in a neighboring province acquired by the joint arms of Great Britain and America a despotism dangerous to our very existence – today the shadow government and national security state apparatus at the hands of the military industrial complex and the state department courtesy of Hilary Clinton and other Council on Foreign Relations members creates ISIS, funds, equips them, and then imports large numbers of ISIS laced muslim immigrants to Europe and America where they can then infiltrate and pose as impetus for greater tyranny as a ‘solution’.
9. for quartering soldiers upon the colonists in time of profound peace – today we have foreign military allowed in to America to “practice” civil disturbance control, gun confiscation, and citizen round ups using our equipment and resources, trained in our own military’s repetoire of strategies and skills. Our own military sorted with questions on whether they would fire on a US citizen if ordered.
10. colonists charged with committing certain offenses shall be transported to England to be tried – today we have secret military courts for terrorism, offshore prisons, and civil protestors held for months in custody awaiting trial and hauled out of their cells for involuntary surgery or beaten for asking questions.
11. that parliament not chosen by the colonists resolved for themselves “of right to make laws to bind us in all cases whatsoever.” An exercise of enormous unlimited power… today we have unquestionable power exercised by government and government employees who must be obeyed without any question at all times, who take property, who sack homes regardless of guilt without remorse, who write whole white papers on population “stabilization” and “information dominance”.
12. That for 10 years the colonists besieged the throne as supplicants for redress of grievances – today no redress of grievances has yet been achieved; voting in new representatives results in only more of the same conduct.
13. The Colonists believed their “attachment to no nation upon earth should supplant their attachment to liberty” This is in stark contrast to the belief practiced by some today who maintain two sets of rules – one for the people and the other for powered elites and transnational corporations.
14. threatening expressions against the colonies were inserted in his Majesty’s speech – today organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center practice political warfare and labeling theory of crime upon groups and individuals.
15. the petitions were buried into both governmental houses amongst a bundle of American papers and neglected – Today endless red tape mazes exist that prevents addressing and cleaning up corruption. Corporations like Soro’s Open Society Institute contrive ways to redesign methodologies for redress and influence.
16. an act of parliament cut off commercial intercourse of whole colonies with foreign countries and with each other. – today it takes millions of dollars and special connections to access foreign markets, processes largely out of reach of the typical entrepreneur. A bleak global economic condition manipulated to foster a situation of near global collapse ensures the playing field to only corporations of great risk capabilities.
17. Others were entirely prohibited from the fisheries in the seas near their coasts on which they always depended for their sustenance – today vast numbers of cities large and small are prohibiting gardening as a means of sustenance, also fishing, and hunting and in some places farming where livestock and heirloom breeds are unduly regulated into oblivion.
18. large reinforcements of troops and ships were sent over. – today the shadow governance maintains mutual protection pacts with foreign troops such as the Ukraine and other slavic militaries and mercenaries masquerading as Russians.
19. Parliament adopted a maneuver calculated to divide us, to establish a perpetual auction of taxations where colony should bid against colony…a method of raising a proscribed tribute. today black lives matters leaked emails reveal a working relationship with the current federal Administration to contrive a race war in America to facilitate an environment that would make national gun confiscation possible. Cloward and Pivens Strategy of overload, divide and conquer.
20. The attempt at gun confiscation, unprovoked at Lexington
21. The inhabitants of Boston being confined within that town by their Governor and the inhabitants having to turn over their arms to the magistrates – today we have HR 390 and HR 645 The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act
22. detention of citizens of Boston, those who were free to go forced to leave their valuables behind
23. wives were separated from their husbands, children from their parents, the aged and the sick from their relations and friends who wished to attend and comfort them – today we have experienced the history of the Native American reservation system, and the internment of the Japanese during WWII, the German Jews, Gypsies, Christian minority groups, homosexuals, and others in WWII
24. the General Gage declared all either by name or description to be rebels and traitors, to supersede the course of the common law, and instead thereof to publish and order the use and exercise of the law martial, – today we have “no-fly lists”, the redlist/bluelist, and yardfarming of uncooperative communities plans
25. burnt Charles town and a considerable number of houses in other places – today we have suspicious forest fires where black unmarked vehicles are seen speeding away from the scene where the fire originates.
26. seized ships and vessels – today we have state and interstate commerce heavily regulated by Department of Transportation (DOT)
27. intercepted provisions and supplies for communities – today we have agencies of the federal government with a history of confiscating bulk food and supplies from producers…orders that were reserved for their commercial customers. And trucks on record delivering these provisions and supplies to the Deep Underground Base entrances.
28. The instigation of General Carleton to cause the people of Canada and the Indians to attack the English colonists and the creation and incitement of domestic enemies. – today we have the instigation of hostilities between blacks and whites, homosexuals and heterosexuals, between muslims and christians.
29. being forced to choose an unconditional submission to the tyranny of irritated ministers or resistance by force. – in a sprawling paradigm today we face eugenics under syrupy projects and policies like “sustainable development”, “stop at one”, and “population stabilization”, UN on women and children.

The document reads: The latter is our choice – we have counted the cost of this contest, and find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery – honor, justice, and humanity forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them, if we basely entail hereditary bondage upon them.

Author of Declaration of Causes: John Hancock President of Congress, notations on modern comparison by Cyrellys Geibhendach.