Show Summary: Mind Mix in the Evening 08-23-2016

The Mind Mix in the Evening show on August 23, 2016 covered several topics including a Bundy update and aired a pre-recorded interview with a engineer possessed of an Applied Physics background on the topic of 9-11.

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The show opened with a late start due to some technical adjustments but was rolling within the first 15 minutes.Β  The show host was Cyrellys Geibhendach working solo as Maggie had some personal matters requiring her attendance.

The first topic covered the new alternate listen live stream provided for listeners who may be having difficulty accessing the Awdio platform.Β  For some listeners the Awdio platform is showing “pending” even while streaming correctly per the broadcasting backend software.Β  This may be a compatibility problem posed by recent changes to the Windows software.Β  The problem is still under investigation.Β  Mind Mix Radio asks all listeners to please be certain your Windows version and your browser software is all up to date prior to attempting to listen.Β  We need to eliminate as many potentially problematic variables as possible and updating both your operating software (i.e. Windows) and your browser (i.e. Firefox or Chrome) will help immensely in this regard.

The streaming was confirmed fully functioning on a Windows 8 operating system running Firefox browser for both streams (Awdio and the Alternate Icecast).Β  Windows 7 is also known to have full reception capability if using Firefox on a fully up to date computer.Β  Listening via phone using Google Play app is also known to work well accessing the platform and the MMR show’s live session.

The new alternate stream is provided via Icecast and is targeting computer and laptop users having difficulty listening live possibly due to a Windows 10 as yet undefined problem.Β  The problem does not seem to affect all computers.Β  In a Firefox browser clicking on the link to the Alternate Stream should open a built in audio player in the browser from which you may listen to the live show during the scheduled broadcast hours.

The Listen Live link for Awdio remains the Gold button on the main page at Mind Mix Radio, while the Alternate Stream is the box that says Alternate Stream Click Me! below it.

The remainder of Hour One covered updated information about the Harney County Oregon and the Bundy predicament.Β  We covered an article published at Rense ( that provided information on 5 deaths associated with the aftermath of the spring protests in Harney County.Β  It also supplied a transcript of the letter from Ryan Bundy to Loretta Lynch of the DOJ.Β  The contents of the letter were read on air.

Hour 2 and 3 played the pre-recorded interview of Bob the Engineer by Cyrellys Geibhendach last Friday (outside the normal air times) on the topic of the airplanes impacting the buildings 9-11 2001.Β  The interview ran for 2 hours and covered additionally his perceptions of the aftermath and repercussions for our nation of the event.Β  His perspective provided some insight to the applied physics of the event courtesy of his professional background in engineering and an applied physics education.Β  The interview and the show closed at Midnight mountain standard time.

Next scheduled shows are:

Ladies Round Table – Wednesday August 24, 2016 at 5pm Mountain

and the next Mind Mix in the Evening – Thursday August 25, 2016 at 9pm Mountain.