Observing the Paradigm – Problems Hanging Up Extraterrestrial Contact Disclosure and Interactions Online

Cyrellys Geibhendach.  The following is a conversation dated August 26, 2016 at All News Pipeline about an ongoing exopolitical communication event that has come to the end of its public activity for the observable time.  I responded with an update that explains what I know of its shutdown.  I am under the moniker “Spincycle”.
Inretrospect 24 days ago

I noticed that D—– has returned and deleted all of his (their) comments. What’s that all about?


Spincycle_high a few seconds ago

They shut down due to the verbal attacks in the comments. They seemed to think it an indication of outreach failure. But this is the modern day wild wild west – the web. Every manner of character is represented in the online environ. We humans are less hypersensitive to such things for the most part. The non-humans apparently have a thinner skin when it comes to communication? But I do understand the investment of time vs tangible outcome and that the squeeky wheel is what gets the perceptional grease. If the only direct interactive responses come from the negatives out there, then it would appear that their presence is under valued. That is not necessarily how it is in reality but it can certainly ‘look’ that way if the only people you are able to strike up a conversation with are the negatives out there. I brought several people in here to speak with them and there was a favorable response from those people. One spent a considerable amount of time interacting but she wanted to speak with them privately and for whatever reason, the success in that desire didn’t manifest in a timely fashion. All in all, from my observation it was a mixed bag of reception. The good and the bad were present. I thought you treated them very respectfully. Thank you. I am hoping that at some point they might return…but yes their deletion of account and history makes it seem improbable. Contact ranging from ambiguity to unambiguity in a vague non-proof [tangible] laden way has been ongoing now for roughly 20 years. Each time cultural perception of what constitutes proof seems to cause a failure in synching. Each party’s definition is seemingly different. A break through could occur IMO if both humanity and the non-humans could be brought to the same definition and then produce it without reservation or inhibitions like this: “we can’t [disclose] because humanity has not yet nullified the treaties between your shadow government and the Grays.” supported by this comment “we have observers watching for this nullification in the major churches and as yet have not seen the prerequisite action required of humanity.” I’m paraphrasing here from memory. But this is how it always seems to go…now how you get a 1200 member church to nullify shadow government treaties when there’s no tangible proof for either the treaties, shadow government, or non-humans that the Church nor the members would find acceptable because psychological conditioning swears such things are all fantasy? Welcome to Earth third rock from the sun. So I point out the vastness of the Ufology and Exopolitics and Conspiracy Theory communities and their acceptance of that possibility in the paradigm via research and information sharing of the circumstantial evidence, whistleblower testimony, and so on…what is the response? 3 – 10 % of the population must give indication of nullification. Apparently even the non-humans disregard the crowd labelled “too toxic to deal with” by the inhabitants of the Shadow Government realm, aka USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects – US Military and Corporate infrastructure under Non-Disclosure Agreements). So the Shadow inhabitants and the non-humans have that much in common with each other? Agreement that all of us who DO inhabit this alternative reality are all nut cases? Gee (throwing hands in the air in exasperation), what do you do with that? Par for the course? Looking at the stubborness on the left of the paradigm and then at the intractable stubborness on the other side of the fence on the right…getting foot-sore howling from the roof top about truth and interconnection and meeting in the middle. I still believe that both sides of the alternate reality need the so-called nuts in the middle because they’re the only ones actually willing to go first…except when the Pope is in desperate need of a marketing ploy and thus you get this: http://www.thecommonsenseshow…. He’s got a serious bum wrap for not coming clean years ago and being a NWO advocate with the accompanying depopulation agenda it tows. A deservedly bum wrap, IMO. What what can you say about an organization with a street rep for abusing boyz?

Edit to add:  …continuing my comment about the Vatican …other than that human trafficking and child pornography is a prominent feature of the Shadow Government’s “realm” well known by law enforcement?  At least as long as the law enforcement officials step off the band-waggon prior to the ‘non-human’ and ‘extraterrestrial contact’ part of the paradigm!  Lol.  Or the drug trafficking that funds it all.  Or the think-tanks who now write a massive percentage of the transitional legislation for the surface part of the US Government thereby allowing the shadow gov to take a greater degree of control, reference the 2014 public statements by intelligence community assets that stated:  US foreign and domestic policy are influenced by extraterrestrial contact; a complaint made by a foreign nation through the back-channels.