Show Summary – Mind Mix in the Evening 8-25-2016

August 25, 2016 edition of Mind Mix in the Evening was hosted by Cyrellys Geibhendach, solo.ย  The show started on time and utilized the new station “clocks” for auto scheduling and deployment of the station breaks, jingles, promotions and other station features such as the scheduled talk segments.ย  The stream on the Alternate Icecast was checked prior to show start by beginning the stream for it, using music a half hour early.ย  Both streams were confirmed solid prior to show.

Listen to the Show’s Archive for FREE!ย  Courtesy of Awdio.ย  Mind Mix in the Evening 08-25-2016ย

Hours 1 and 2

Topics covered consisted of the Introduction with coverage of local Cascade Montana weather and the news about the road closure of US Hwy 212 due to heavy snow in August.ย  The show then moved into a connection between the incredibly shrinking packages in grocery stores, the recent decrease in new movie & tv show productions, to the big question about what is going on.ย  Featured in this segment was the Norad & USNorthcom tweets of the DHS page today.ย  It was noted how curious it is that the DHS page was deceptive in its site address that did not disclose what agency the site belonged to…that agency can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.ย  The content consisted of lists of Basic Disaster Supplies.

It was noted along side of this that Germany recently advised its citizens to begin stockpiling food – [Source: UndergroundWorldNews].

It was emphasized in the show how the government through actions

The show then moved to correlate and feature an article by All News Pipeline reporting witness testimony of doctors circumventing parents by directly asking the children if there are guns in the home and how this may indicate information compiling for Red List Blue List.

Automated Hour 3

Presented the full audio of the Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) public speaking engagement of “Humans are a Mixture of 12 Extraterrestrial Races”.

The show closed with music presentation of “The Sound of Silence” by Disturbed; “Still Alive” by Leslie Fish, recordings from youtube.ย  We are a fan of both these artists, please find them in your favorite record store and support their music by purchasing a cd.