Show Summary: Mind Mix in the Evening 9-8-2016

28c362a98fe5e138f55fec6044c4803fThe Mind Mix in the Evening show airing on September 8 2016 rocketed off the launch pad at 8pm and ran for 3 hours till 11pm mountain time.ย  The topic of the evening was a update on the Ukraine situation.ย  It included a news reel, a timeline, and a analysis provided by Quintus Dias of Manticore Group who is a contributing researcher at both Mind Mix Radio and The Mental Militia.

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The show started with local weather report, a station update, and then a brief review of some of the latest news.ย  Cyrellys jumped into the main topic in the first half hour.ย  The station clocks ran decently with only one short short break, and she let everyone know that the clocks were scheduled for improvement this weekend.

The new high speed service for the station’s connection ran very well and DedicatedListener in the chat room confirmed the new VLC Player using the Icecast stream worked well for listening.

The transcript for the report is posted at The Mental Militia:ย

And the News Reel for the Show is at:

Newsreel for 9-8-2016
News as heard on Thursday September 8th, 2016 Mind Mix in the Evening radio show with Cyrellys Geibhendach at 8pm to 11pm mountain time. The topic of the show was a โ€˜update on the Ukraineโ€™. It included a report compiled by our resident contributing researcher Quintus Dias. Show summary can be found here:
They Walk Among Us! | From the Trenches World Report…
Obama and Putin Meet at G-20 Summit, Agree to Keep Working on Syria Pact | From the Trenches World Report…
WikiLeaks: Trump Advisor Paul Manafort Tied To Ukrainian Government, US Intelligence | From the Trenches World Report…
Secret Yanukovych Party Ledgers Claim $225,000 Deal With CNN Host Larry King…
Washington takes every effort to make Russia attack Ukraine – PravdaReport…
Russia is preparing for a full-scale INVASION of Ukraine, warns President Poroshenko | Daily Mail Online…


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