Fw: Germany Declares Russia Enemy, Ukraine, War Crimes, WWIII, SHOTS fired between Russia and UAF


Cyrellys Geibhendach.  Manticore Group.  Germany’s new world order oriented Merkel has gone berserk.  They’re shooting to create World War III by forcing Putin and Russia to shoot first or act in such a way that the NWO would have the excuse to shoot first.  The mainstream media as usual are not covering this.

Here’s the raw skewer from Quintus…

FROM EMAIL 9-13-2016

This is critically important news from the Ukraine that is not being covered by the US MSM or the European press.
1.  Merkel’s Germany has put its military on high alert and Germany has declared Russia an ENEMY.



2.  The Ukrainian Armed Forces are deploying huge quantities of tanks, IFVs (Infantry fighting vehicles) and self-propelled artillery (122 and 152MM) and large numbers of BM 21 (Grad rocket) batteries to the Donbass and Crimea demarcation areas.

3.  According to some sources, the Russian Federation and the UAF have already skirmished and exchanged fire.  According to other sources American mercs and US speccom units are involved in the fighting.  Moreover, there are reports that Poland’s military is now inside the Ukraine operating alongside the UAF.

a.  Putin issued a warning that this is unacceptable to Russia and     grounds for a pre-emptive strike on NATO forces inside Poland.      Especially in light that the US and NATO are emplacing missiles     with dual capabilities (offensive and defensive warheads) near the     Russian border in Poland and in Romania.

4.  The fighting in Donbass is ongoing despite the cease-fire and it appears that the Poroshenko government and US stooges under direction of George Soros are escalating the tension in trying to provoke V. Putin.  Soros has called for WAR against Russia.

5.  Civilians are being targeted and killed in significant numbers.  Many people in the Luhansk and Donets area are homeless, starving, without heat or electricity and there are dozens of orphans.

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Be advised…graphic content.

Crimea The Fuse For World War III


Breaking: Russia Commander Warns Of Preemptive Strike on NATO Forces


Donbass Militia kick UAF ass in ambush…

DPR militia ambushing Aidar battalion (full video) 21


Militia are using RPGs and LAW to very good effect on UAF armor.  There has been some UAF prisoner abuse by militia.  But nothing that I have seen to match the beatings and executions of militia men by the UAF.  The militia appear to vent anger rather than to deliberately hurt prisoners and then relent back to their good sense.  I saw militia intervene several times in stopping civilians bent on maiming and killing prisoners.  There is a real war going on over there, and like most civil conflicts, it is brutal beyond belief.

WARNING:18+ Rebels took in captivity 8 soldiers from “Aidar” division. ( English subtitles )


South-East Ukraine: Crisis Diary (Unique Documentary Shot by Ordinary People)


Some background info on the Ukraine… pretty good doco.

Ukraine: State of Chaos – Witness


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