Show Summary: Mind Mix in the Evening Tues 9-13-2016


Cyrellys Geibhendach. The Mind Mix in the Evening show on September 13, 2016 featured crisis information on the Ukraine and Germany’s pm Merkel who reportedly declared Russia an enemy in a bid to foment WWIII.

The show successfully ran the new show clock (schedule for station breaks & content broadcast). This included a revamp of the show intro music and station jingle.

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Germany’s pm Merkel has gone berserk!Β  Covered the content of reports coming out of the Ukraine.Β  Troop movement, and the NWO’s push to start WWIII with Ukraine as the fuse.Β  3 hour show!Β  New station formatting went perfect!Β  More show content here:Β

The presentation showcased the reporting work of Steven Ben Nun of Israeli News LiveΒ  on the subject of the Ukraine.

The show was followed up with a in depth written report by Quintus Dias on the history of the conflict and a more fleshed out analysis posted at TMM:Β  George Soros and Genocide By Desigin in the Ukraine.Β  This very well written report was on the heels of the publication of the prior research notes published here.

TMM is a coalition of researchers, writers, musicians, advocates, and activists who are working to bring greater awareness and real solutions to the corruption of our time.

Quintus Dias is a member of Manticore Group and TMM.Β  He is the resident contributing researcher for Mind Mix Radio.