Show Summary: Mind Mix in the Evening 9-15-2016

544250717_1280x720Admin, September 16, 2016.  The MMR show airing September 15th 2016 with host Cyrellys Geibhendach had a special guest.  Bob Bowen, chairman of the New Mexico Constitution Party joined the show for the full 3 hours to discuss the efforts of the Constitution Party, present an introduction to the candidacy of Darrell Castle the party’s candidate for president.  The discussion included some of the history that prompted the creation of the party, and the party’s platform, issues, and advocated principles.

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  2. Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Darrell Castle & Vice Presidential Candidate Scott Bradley or
  3. American Free Press , Barnes Review
  4. The Constitution Party and Bob Bowen

Some of the sub-topics and details in the history side of the conversation included:  Vernona Papers Algier Hiss, soviet agent working inside our gov in 1949, Victor Thorn journalist for American Free Press Barnes Review, USS Liberty incident, JOhn T Wood the Greatest Subversive Plot in American History: Report to the American People on UNESCO, United Nations Science and Culture Organization, the Scheme to pervert public education; columbia university british fabianism, teach disloyalty to children; poison the minds of teachers; truth suppressed; August 1 – 8 issue of The American Free Press has an article about Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Darrell Castle, objective a one world government; corrupting the morals of your children, 1810 13th Amendment The Titles of Nobility Amendment, The Roosevelt Myth by Flynn , the work of playwrite Myron Fagen, 1967 he had a transcript put on tape, John Flynn called him to DC in 1945 to see some classified documents, explained how our gov operates and he wrote it all down…transcribed to recording…search Illuminati Agenda part I. you’ll get the first part. At end a link to Part II, III, and IV; and Eustace Mullins videos.

The show wrapped up with an open invitation to Bob to return and continue the discussion on another evening to cover more details and share his insights on current events.

Bob’s 2014 Speech: