Mind Mix Radio News Bite Novosti Gorlovka Please Stop Shelling Us

Mind Mix Radio presents a news-bite from Alexei Novosti – foreign correspondent coalition.

TRANSCRIPT of News Bite:



YOUTUBE:  https://youtu.be/TfSIXCxE2_Q


Subject:  The shelling of civilians in Gorlovka Village in the Donbass Region

From: Anonymous News Sources, RT News, and Correspondent Russell Bentley-Essence of Time

Time Frame: 2014, to Present Day




Summary:  This is old news just reaching the West now.  The few residents of the Gorlovka village in the Gagarin Mining District in the Donbass Region of Eastern Ukraine are scared.  Their kids have hollow eyes.  Women look haggard and nervous from the lack of sleep.  Gunfire rattles from the Ukrainian Army position on a nearby slag heap.   The dilapidated and empty houses in the background show walls blown in with collapsed roofs.  Several damaged homes with blown out windows show exteriors splattered by bullets and shell fragments.


News Correspondent, Russell Bentley interviews several women with kids.  Machine gun fire rattles in the background.  During a lull, Bentley interviews a young woman.  She thanks him for coming to see how they live.  The woman remarks that they live in basements without electricity, water, or gas.  Shelling is continuous.  Her kids need to go to school.  An older woman says bitterly that. “We were once all Ukrainians living together.  Does not that Poroshenko fear God?”  The young woman adds that they would leave if they could find somebody to accept them.  Bentley then talks to some kids.  They smile and relate well with him.  Bentley gives the women some money sent to his relief agency by foreigners.  The women and kids all give heartfelt thanks to Bentley’s viewers.  Bentley points out a sign saying “MINEFIELD” and points at a nearby bullet scarred bunker.  He concludes that the only way the war in Donbass will stop, is by the American people rising up and stopping it as the Obama Administration started it.  Bursts of machine gun fire trail off in the background as Bentley wraps up his interview.


The vicious war in the Donbass region with attendant war crimes that go unpunished was started by American and Ukrainian Oligarchs, such as George Soros, Bill Gates, corporate pirates like Monsanto and their Ukrainian counterparts, Petro Poroshenko, Igor Kolomoisky and Artemy Yatsenyuk, who overthrew with American help the elected government of Victor Yanukoyvch, plunging the Ukraine into a deadly civil war; and a horror show of shredded bodies of women, kids, and grandfathers lying in pools of blood by their blown up homes.  The Clinton Foundation accepted over $8Mn from Ukrainian Oligarch Victor Pinchuk.  Mr. Bentley’s relief agency seeks contributions to help the people in Donbass.









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