For anyone who may have not yet heard, Awdio is officially missing in action.  On Tuesday June 20th after some file system updates, Mind Mix Radio restarted the icecast stream at  But the stream never did more than say connected and never began streaming.  After numerous attempts to contact Awdio which had seemingly been having trouble with their website security certificate for a couple weeks, we came to realize that Awdio for all intensive purposes seemed to have dropped off the map.  Their Twitter account had no activity for over a month, their Facebook account was not receiving visitors, the primary website was not accessible, and now their icecast stream was failing to connect and stream.  All the emails were bouncing.  A check with revealed it was not just us.  It was down for everyone.  After a week of this it was necessary to make some hard choices.

First we restored our station streaming to Listen2MyRadio.  Then went through the station and updated our own website.  We are still having trouble with the mirror at StreamFinder but have a request for assistance in to them and expect to have that resolved soon.  We then took the L2R live stream link and installed it on our Listen Live Page in its very own embedded audio html5 player for our listeners.

The sad part of the archived shows for the first half of 2017 is that there was no secondary copy of those shows so that when Awdio went down, they did too.  However the good news is that we now have a new archive at and corresponding share links available to all listeners on our new Archive page.  We move forward once more!  Episode players for the archived shows can also be found in the blog postings at our Listen Live Page.

It has been quite a journey over this last year.  We’ve had many improvements and adjustments over this time as we’ve striven to enrich the station and its content.  New equipment has been added and our ability to broadcast both in-studio and on the road has moved forward.  We are continuing to look for new ways to enhance the project begun a year ago as a small hobby station.

With the loss of the Awdio platform so too have we lost the 300+ live listening audience that we’d attracted there.  L2R is a very nice platform that allows for 5,000 listeners at any given time.  But it’s size of listening audience for its stations is unknown.  We have a listing of the station at both StreamFinder and but again it is uncertain how many listeners the listings attract.  So we are assuming that Mind Mix Radio will have to rebuild its listening audience from scratch.  We are asking all our regular and visiting listeners to please share us with your friends and lists to help us get back on our feet.  Thank you all ever so much!

Cyrellys, producer.