Station Update: 07-18-2018

JpegPRODUCER:  Cyrellys Geibhendach.

Huge changes have occurred with Mind Mix Radio.  We’ve improved on the broadcast going from the variable broadcast IP to a static.  This will free up time to focus on the programming.

Be sure to check out the Listen Live Page! 

New players have been added to the Listen Live Page and the number of HTML5’s have been streamlined.  One of the new players is a flashplayer for those who cannot use HTML5.  Yesterday we added the embed for the Centova Cast page with its unique ability to show the NOW PLAYING, PREVIOUS PLAYED, and SONG REQUEST.  This was placed just below the chatroom.

Mind Mix in the Evening, has branched out into including regular ROUND TABLES with other guests and groups in the Liberty Community.  Members from are now joining with Manticore Group members and others in public dialogs on this Tuesday and Thursday evening program delving into the depths of the corruption paradigm.

Mind Mix Radio is still looking for a audio blogger interested in working with us on paradigm book reviews in our BOOK & TANKARD slot.  Contact the Producer: Cyrellys, if interested in this project.

Also in 2018, Mind Mix Radio is VERY active on Twitter.  Be sure to check us out @mindmixradio.