Station Update and Status Report 09012018

Producer.  Milestone Reached.

Milestone reached!  MMR now hosts independent broadcasters!

I just finished updating the full website network to reflect the addition of independent broadcasters.  The main menu now contains links to show walls and a new “broadcaster” branch to the site.  Some broadcasters will not have a ‘conference room’ show wall due to either being mirrored/reflector or due to direct stream broadcast thus I set up the new broadcaster branch to the Mind Mix Radio site to establish show walls for those broadcasters.

The first to use the new site branch is Liberty Tree Radio.  Their new MMR Friday afternoon broadcast is the feature presentation of their show wall.  Contact information, their website, and how to call into their show (a VOIP Dialer) is included.  Anyone who cannot see the VOIP (Voice over IP) dialer should check the settings of their browser as I found Chrome especially problematic with allowing flash to be visible.  Chrome tries to tell you that some features are not secure and gives a warning with an option to ignore.  It’s ok to ignore the warning there’s nothing wrong with the flash VOIP dialer.  This sometimes happens with the Centova audio player and embedded song request page.  It’s the new internet security tyranny trying to outlaw usable resources without providing free replacements that are acceptable to their new ‘requirements’.  Sorry I have a low opinion of the tyranny.

The broadcasters who are using the conference room show walls, generally those airing in the evening hours when I’m available to manually relay to the server are now networked in to all the menus for use by listeners.

The new static IP is working beautifully and we thank Primcast and Centova for the service they offer.


We continue to be very active at Twitter.  Our new friends #ThePersistence (TANTUMVERO) and #TheRainMakers, two wonderful research groups based on Twitter have joined together in several joint projects and included Mind Mix Radio.


Has been updated.  I’ve pinned the up to date links for the Station on the News & Documents thread.


Still very marginal presence on Facebook due to time and the reports of questionable FB behavior.  I have to spend the station time wisely where it will make the most impact and FB simply isn’t it.


The station officially is “mindmixradio” at gmail.  Producer’s email for Cyrellys is still the same.


We now have a Go Fund Me account for donations!  Mind Mix Radio has approximately a year to a year and a half at the currently location.  When that time is up a move will be required not optional as we currently understand it.  There is two options for relocation:  a commercial location with all the upfront and ongoing expenses, OR a spot on our rural property up on the ridge with a clear view to the South (satellite & cell phone access).  We have plenty of time to raise the relocation funds.

The details and lots of pics are on the Go Fund Me Page for the Station Development:  GOFUNDME-MMR-Station-Development


Mind Mix Radio is successfully archiving the Talk Shows at BITCHUTE!  Go there now.  Shows that are currently being archived at our bitchute channel include:

  • Mind Mix in the Evening
  • Persistent Veracity (TANTUMVERO)
  • Biographical Interviews
  • Producer Appearances


Mind Mix Radio has finally acquired the one piece of equipment needed to be fully mobile!  A portable generator.  This will now enable the station to go to events.  We don’t expect to be traveling much now that the school year has started but plans are already underway for next spring/summer events.

Next on the development plate is adding an income stream for the station.  This will come from advertising, affiliate marketing, and maybe a resurrection of Soul Shine, which was a art+marketing products like cups, t-shirts that sort of thing which I’d looked at over a year ago but never had the time to follow through on.

The principle of the station is to provide the content without charging the listener for the live or archived content.  You will never encounter a paywall on Mind Mix Radio for access to the content!  The paradigm and the sound of the old world Celtic culture world-view belongs in the hands of everyone not just those with the resources to pay for it.  From my family to yours, FiOs.