Station Update 03232019

Hey Everyone! We are getting ready for the big move to our new location! This is going to be a multi-stage event for the radio station. Our mountain house is not quite ready and so we have a interim and winter house set up in town which is being remodeled and updated as I write this. I had an opportunity to do a walk thru today and see the place for the first time.

What is the best of news for the radio station is that there is a small outbuilding on the property which is also being updated (new windows, doors, etc) and I’ve got the ok to use it this year for the radio station until our dedicated studio for the station is completed up top on the mountain. It’s going to be a bit rough at first but I’ve some extra help to keep the station going this year via extra hands too. We’ll get thru this.

We’re still ironing out how we’re going to pay for the internet connection in the interim location. Once that hurdle is cleared, we’ll be focusing on more station development and monetization to aim for the goal of financial independence for its operation. The idea being that eventually it pays its own way. But for now it’s still a rowdy infant and that’s ok.