ADVERTISE with Mind Mix Radio

Audio Advertise with Mind Mix Radio!

Got a message to get out? We can help!
Mind Mix Radio is working hard to grow and reach new listeners. Let us connect you to a whole new world of active people including professionals, intellectuals, and even young people thru internet radio. Our range extends from Central Montana across the United States. We’re also heard via shoutcast world wide. MMR content is fun and in demand. Add us to your communication and marketing plan!

Advertising: 2-3 minute increment ad max.
Opt. 1 specific hour set specific DAY $2
Opt 2 random thru day 5-6x $6/wk
Opt 3 Community Announcements M-F 3pm-4pm Replay5x $5
Opt 4 Interview – 15min to 30 min $20
Opt 5 – Opt4 + Weekly Rebroadcast $25
Contact: (406) 219-4142