Mind Mix Radio Producer Returns to the Internet!

The big “move” from our old location has gone off with only a few hitches! I broke the flat bed truck and had to be towed home. I ran out of boxes. The studio doesn’t have its sheetrock, windows, exterior door, nor its electricity! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel…

Century Link provided the light! Internet is now installed! The dead air is on borrowed time…

The rough water is not quite done with me yet however…as I stand in a 100 year old shed turned radio station studio, devoid of any real lighting, staring at the server rack and all the wiring & plugs I can’t yet see to reassemble (even WITH my glasses on!). At least I’d had the common sense and foresight to label all the cords.

The new abode is next scheduled for a deck and siding, and somewhere in there will come the electricity for the studio. The household is under threat of mom running an 100 foot extension cord from the kitchen out to the studio’s electrical strip so there have been the proper assurances proffered from the gods of provenance and good fortune. We shall see!

Either way, the broadcast stream will be back shortly. Meanwhile, the Mixer is back on Twitter kicking hornet nests and rocking it with the Manticore Group crew. Stop by and say HI! I follow all who follow Mind Mix Radio at Twitter.

Mind Mix Radio salutes the Celtic Diaspora worldwide who have followed the station development!