News, bardic & gamer music, discussion, and commentary on our life, times,and situational landscape in a paradigm that sometimes defies all reason.

Broadcasting since June 2016

Our featured audio genre’s include:  Informative and Educational Talk, News and Analysis, Filk, Gamer, Folk-Rock, Irreverent, Political, History, Learning, Celtic & Nordic, Sea & Space Shantys, Street Music, Steampunk, Fandoms and more.  MMR strives to provide a powerful window into the landscape of our world via the audio medium…a world filled with metaphor, allegory, and courageous voices speaking truth to power for all the world to hear.

Mind Mix Radio (MMR) is unique in its production, showcasing open source software.  We proudly feature Voicemeeter Banana as our digital mixer and PlayIt Live as our broadcasting software allowing us to produce a solid stream for our listeners.   We even provide a link on our main page to VideoLan (VLC Media Player) for anyone who may be in need of a free player capable of receiving Icecast and Shoutcast streams for listening direct from desktop or via in-browser app.

Founded in December 2016, as a hobby to learn more about internet broadcasting, MMR achieved a dedicated server late in the year for the broadcasting and was able to transition from periodic broadcasts to 24-7 on air.

In 2017 MMR finally achieved success in the struggle to maintain internet connection service capable of sustaining long-term internet streaming.  This has been an ongoing problem that was alleviated by continuing station development over the course of the last year.  As many internet broadcaster’s know digital connection service for internet is still problematic for broadcasters where service providers are attempting to limit communications by capping data into small allotments for users while selling theoretical “unlimited” data at high rates.  Can anyone say bait and switch?  MMR runs with a redundancy design that includes a fallback that keeps a minimum single stream open at all times in the case of service interruption or breakage on the main.

In 2018 Mind Mix Radio achieved a static IP for the stream which stabilized the broadcast and settled the consistency issue.

Another unique feature MMR offers is we strive to assure our listeners free access to our talk show archives.  In a time when many radio stations charge for archive access, Mind Mix Radio is proud to showcase our archives as free and available for rebroadcast to sister stations. Today we salute Bitchute.com as our archive of choice providing video formatted content access to Mind Mix Radio primary broadcast shows and other related  alternative media providers for all alternative media connoisseurs.

Mind Mix Radio is currently privately funded and expects to offer advertising space both on site and on air in the near future.

MMR is now over 2 years old and the station prepares to offer space to independent show hosts upon the platform.  If you are a prospective broadcaster looking to broadcast your own show from your home drop us an email to the producer.  We’d love to speak with you about your concept.

Mind Mix Radio is a product of Manticore Group a collective of representatives of lists and groups around the internet focused on private information sharing and analysis.  It is also closely associated with our sister organization Montana’s Mental Militia (TMM) a nation-wide Liberty Community networking organization

MMR is a member and supporter of the Alternative Media, presenting paradigm information and audio from the Celtic world-view.


MIND MIX in the Evening – with Cyrellys! 

Following the ongoing saga of the Mentalician journey through the paradigm of our time.  This show includes paradigm news, talk, analysis, research presentations, and audio reviews of videos from around the web.

Airs:  Tuesdays & Thursdays weekly 8pm MST to 11pm MST.  Archives.




Run down of the day’s headlines and source for each.  Post to Twitter after broadcast.

Airs:  Monday thru Friday 3pm Mountain Time. Reel archives as linked posts to Twitter time permitting, after the broadcast.

MIND MIX Mashup! 

Unorganized music (filk, gaming, rare and irreverent) and paradigm audio (raw research, interviews, and presentations).

Airs:  Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm; ICECAST streams only.  This is not archived.



A lively break from the talk…listen to a straight-run of music!  Filk, Celtic, Gaming Favorites and the Irreverent!  Join us for 10,000 atomic mice in a digital garbage can!

Airs:  Sunday Nights weekly 8pm MST to 11pm MST.  Archives.


Laundry Day Impromptu

We’re delving into the old stuff!  Hunting through resale stores, yard sales, and more nets forgotten gems.  From the classical to western cowboy folk and celtic, we’re rummaging in vinyl, cassettes, and a few cds to listen to the rich roots of our modern sound.

Airs:  Weekdays Impromptu.  Archives.



Feature Movie

Book & Tankard

book reviews & excerpts. tba.  Volunteer broadcaster opportunity!

Airs:  tba.


(available – Contact:  Admin)

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