Station Update and Status Report 09012018

Producer.  Milestone Reached. I just finished updating the full website network to reflect the addition of independent broadcasters.  The main menu now contains links to show walls and a new “broadcaster” branch to the site.  Some broadcasters will not have a ‘conference room’ show wall due to either being mirrored/reflector or due to direct stream […]


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Mind Mix Radio Alerts

Alerts in reel format. Desolation of the mind, is a mind without built-in audio or visual formatting… new. September 13, 2016 09-13-2016  Merkel Gone Berserk   September 12, 2016 09-12-2016   Wtf? ABC News reports on “Hillary Clinton’s death”! 09-12-2016  Tent Cities Full Of Homeless People Are Booming In Cities All Over America As […]

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